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April 19, 2021

Veterans News

Remember Everyone Deployed


The Veterans News is a Magazine dedicated to raising awareness, about pressing issues facing Canadian Military veterans. Also to pay tribute to some of the heroes of the past. Our publication provides a variety of Information to showcase some of the service men and women, who are known for making the impossible possible and protecting the weak and the vulnerable. In order to show its nations gratitude for its military veterans, by people who are proud supporters of the troops, Veterans and their families.

Summer 2018

  • Did Canada Ever Have a Draft ?
  • Canadian WWII Ace Don Laubman
  • World Hero Stories of History
  • Canadian Corps Championships 1918 – 2018
  • Battlefield Stories of History
  • Canada supports the White Helmets
  • and More…..

Remembrance Day 2018

  • Equine Assisted Learning Assists in Management of PTSD / OSI
  • Finally After A Hundred Years, Four Soldiers Laid to Rest.
  • Legendary Heroes of War
  • Summoning Courage to Engage the Battle Within
  • The Victoria Cross
  • and More…..

New Years 2019

  • Nursing Sisters, also know as the “Bluebirds” in the First World War
  • The first ever matron-in-chief of the Canadian Army Nursing Corps in 1908
  • Women’s roles changed on the home front in the First World War
  • Battle of the Plains of Abraham
  • A different kind of hero
  • The Five Minute Immune System Boost
  • and More…..

Spring / Summer 2019

  • The Call for Offensive
  • Preparation & Plan of Attack
  • Across the Channel
  • Allies Attacked by Air, Sea and Land
  • Breaking Down the Germans
  • Remembering the Sacrifice
  • and More…..

Remembrance Day 2019

  • The Victoria Cross
  • Canad’s Reputation
  • A price to be paid for war
  • Traumatic Stress Recovery Program
  • The battles of the “The Last Hundred Days”
  • Canada was recognized for what they achieved
  • and More……

Veterans News print publication is Distributed to the local legions and our subscribers list. We also have a digital format that people can subscribe to via Email, Text Message or push notification.

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