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April 18, 2021

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Treating Ukrainian Veterans’ PTSD With Service Dogs

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It turns a psychological therapy there’s still a massive treatment gap in Ukraine as well as they’re being NGO is offering more traditional trauma therapy methods there are some that offer alternative methods we’re here to meet here is companion that train service dogs prepare with veterans to help them with their trauma this is Vladimir and his dog era Vladimir is a psychologist and worked with special-needs children before the war but now he’s training Guerra to work as a service dog to help himself and the planets to train other dogs to help other veterans as well my Roku San Pedro de leus voluminous a key in corn achieved akamaru’s sposta revenue as a super technical means data show parasitic Meucci neurological a biscuit and emotional napo’s mature Wenatchee Navy boy saw that my move or edit Asia Pacific waters Australian you do the Moriscos with steer shown a Roma take a perm name a general article after your deployment finished how did Kara help you with what you went through here are the formality so nie Navi get the car to keep receive a show new dynamos rather tear so buckle it anymore means date should lead a yekke persuade icky-sticky robonia same about somatic air was newly Vegeta so what’s a lot of me a team of Garin out so right now volt emitters doing some obedience training so it’s very important that the dog is obedient to the veteran that she’s trained for so right now he gives her a treat every time she looks him in the eyes because you want to train the dog that it’s good and they’ll get praise and they’ll get positive reinforcement if they look if they’re constantly looking at them in the eyes and this is very important because for a veteran for example with PTSD anything can set him off at any time so you want the dog to constantly be watching and assessing the veteran to see how he’s doing and to see if they add the dog would need to react so if say a veteran was having PTSD flashback or whatever it was how does the dog react once it realizes that there’s a problem okay so there’s a few things that the dog can do if he’s walking in public let’s say and there is a inin park and there’s a lot of unknown people around and you starts getting a panic attack anxiety attack the dog can actually be trained to if the veteran says exit then the dog does the thinking takes over the thinking and it finds their way away out away from the crowd of people that’s quite incredible yeah yeah unnoticed this sort of my new I guess in some cases yeah changes to that the veterans behavior right and that’s why it’s so important to have to do basic obedience training very well so that the dog can pick up and read you like a book yeah they say so how did here his companions start working in Ukraine well basically I was following the situation on the front very closely and I started noticing more and more story surfacing and picture servicing of battalions adopting stray dogs on the front and at the same time I was working on a rehabilitation project it’s Canadian project here in Ukraine and I was very cutely aware of the need for not only physical rehabilitation but psychological have you found it generally that in Ukraine veterans and soldiers a little bit adverse to kind of opening up about any psychological trauma issues yeah so in Ukraine the idea is that the man has to be very strong and he can’t show any signs of weakness so it’s very difficult initially especially for many veterans told when I would say look something’s going on and I think an even bigger problem is that they themselves don’t know what’s going on I mean up until the war began PTSD was a foreign concept in Ukraine not many people knew about it and so many people don’t know what it entails and how to deal with it so the dog essentially breaks down barriers we’ve seen and it helps automatically it calms everyone down and it’s a really good way to start conversation with someone it builds a bond and Trust with them a lot faster than it would happen without the dog

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