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April 18, 2021

Veterans News

Remember Everyone Deployed


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The importance of Remembrance is not always as clear to
the younger generations, as it is for the past ones that
came before them. There is a need to educate young people
of the importance of honouring the great sacrifices of
the men and woman, who had fought and served during
times of conflict around the world

Maybe the best way to help honour them, is by continuing to prosper
and succeed in the way of life these brave people fought to preserve. We
should enjoy it and remember them, and what they did in the best way
we can. By protecting our country, they helped secure our future for us. It
is our duty to help secure that future for the next generation, by learning
from the lessons in our past

Anyone who has a relative who
fought in a war, can see how it has
affected them. Some are inflicted
with severe physical wounds and
others carry traumatic mental
scars, things which can last for the
rest of their lives. It is important to
remember those who lost their lives
during war time and equally so for
the brave men and woman who
came back home.
Many of them had to deal with such
traumatic situations, which are hard
for them to discuss with others. Still
remaining tough, long after the
fight is over.
Remembrance Day is a time
for us all, to say thank you
to them.

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