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April 19, 2021

Veterans News

Remember Everyone Deployed

Did you Know?

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Thousands of Aboriginal people enlisted in the
Canadian military during the first world war, by
volunteer. There is no record of the actual total
number, but it has been estimated at more than 4,000.

Making up of almost one third of all their people in Canada at the time of
the first world war. Mostly consisting of men in-between the ages of 18
to 45 years. Inuit people, as well as the Métis also had a numbers enlisted
into the service, but only the status Indians were actually recorded by
the (CEF).

Aboriginal people served in the
Canadian forces during the conflict.
They participated in all aspects
of the war and major battles that
were fought by Canadians. Many
lost their lives or were wounded on
the battlefields in foreign lands.
There are a number of Aboriginal
Soldiers who went far above
and beyond the call of duty,
distinguishing themselves as
decorated heroes and assets to
the Canadian Military. Many were
awarded medals for their bravery
and talents.
There were also many Aboriginal
women participating in the
war efforts, back home. They
contributed in many ways, such as
raising money and much more.
Even after the war was over, and
the Aboriginal veterans went home
to some of the same inequality that
they had previously experienced
before they left for war. These
brave veterans were not given the
same benefits, as non-Aboriginal
veterans would receive.

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