October 21, 2020

Veterans News

Remember Everyone Deployed

Canada’s Veterans deserve better

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Mr. Speaker, like many Canadians, Veterans are now realizing that this Prime Minister said just about anything during the campaign to get elected. It’s this government’s record that has resulted in an increase of 50% for the backlogs of these cases. That’s on him and his government, nobody else’s. The Defence Ombudsman has made simple, easy recommendations to improve the transition of our Armed Forces Members onto the Veterans Affairs payroll, and this Prime Minister has yet to act on any of them. When will he start listening to the advice of experts and stand up for our Vets? The Right Honourable Prime Minister. Mr. Speaker, it’s fairly straightforward, what happened. So many Veterans had abandoned the idea of getting help under the previous government that now that we’re actually putting in place systems and benefits that they can access, reopening offices that they shuttered, more and more Veterans are coming forward to claim what this government and all governments owe them. This is a good thing Mr. Speaker. And what’s great is that we have been tooling up over the past years so that we can give all the Veterans who entitle it the- what they have. That Veterans be coming forward to claim their benefits—

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