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    Canada aided the allies in many hard battles during world war two, but the most well known contribution was during the battle of Normandy. Out of all the conflicts that Canada would take part in, their most important role that they played there would be instrumental in eventually winning the war overall.
     The allies used the term D-Day to refer to the day the invading attack was to begin. The exact date that they were to deploy, was not always known for sure. The term was used in many planning operations throughout the war. The term is now generally used for referring to the battle of the Allied invasion on June 6th, 1944 of Normandy.
    At that time Germany has succeeded in taking over most of Western Europe, by the springtime in 1940. This was in just the first few months at the beginning of World War Two. The only thing that divided the German forces from reaching Great Britain, was a slim part of the sea called the English Channel. But the British managed to hold out. Not far away, countries that the Germans took over on the continent suffered greatly at the hand of their enemies during the following years to come. Heavy casualties were sustained due to the allied invasion at Dieppe on the French coast, which took place in August of 1942. The Canadian troops seemed to be hit the worst by this battle.
    Slowly but surely the tides would turn as allied forces would push back the enemy insurgence in North Africa, and then on the Eastern Front in Italy. They also began to win over the skies over Europe as well as over the Atlantic ocean. But the war would ultimately have to be won by fighting the Germans on land in the Western parts of Europe. Finally in 1944 the Allies  would decide to bring the fight to them in a powerful operation, known today as D-Day.

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