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    Allies Attacked by Air, Sea and Land: PARATROOPERS

    Some of the first of the Canadian troops to actually engage the enemy on D-Day, was the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. It consisted of over 450 men, who bravely jumped from planes and made their way inland towards the enemy. It all happened early in the morning, just before the break of dawn on the 6th of June. They did their part to make way for the roughly 14,000 Canadian soldier to land on shore in just a few hours time.
     Canadians sent a battalion of paratroopers along with three battalions of American and British paratroopers to attack behind enemy lines in order to flank the enemy during the force of the invasion. D-Day was the largest invasion ever attempted in history by sea. Over 14,000 Canadian forces advanced onto France, as well as 110 Navy Warships, 10,000 sailors as well as 15 fighter and fighter bomber plains from the RCAF.
    Paratroopers were deployed in waves by flying gliders and aircrafts across the Normandy countryside. Many of the paratroopers missed their marked targets, because they were bombarded by heavy gunfire from anti-aircraft weapons. Sadly many of these men died before getting to complete their mission, in large part because of the Germans flooding the fields where they were to land, causing them to drown.

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